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Online Workshop •• Business Basics - „How to be prepared for the life as a freelance musician“ - Berlin

15.04.2021, 14:00 Uhr

Online Workshop •• Business Basics - „How to be prepared for the life as a freelance musician“ in Berlin

No one said life as a musician would be easy - especially not if you want to earn a living doing it. The days of being fully provided for by a lucrative record deal are over, or rather, only very few people get to enjoy that these days. Most musicians, therefore, prepare for an independent career - many do so consciously because they prefer to keep control over their artistic creativity. However, to make self-employment work, there are many things you should be prepared for: From financial security to insurance, good planning and organization, and overall a set of soft skills that can be useful to you in your professional work. This workshop provides the basics you need to plan your career professionally in a practical and clear way.

• finances (invoice, taxes, calculation)
• self management & organization
• insurances
• soft skills (negotiation, strengths & weaknesses, maximizing options)

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